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EN 1047-1, EN 1047-2 and EN 15659

13.02.2013 | id:646587


The preparation of European standards for fire protection products falls within the responsibility of the CEN/TC 263 Working Group WG2 "Fire Resistance":

The following European standards and/or draft standards for this product segment have been published:

EN 1047-1:2005 "Data cabinets and diskette inserts"

European Standard EN 1047-1 contains definitions, requirements and technical testing criteria for data cabinets of the security classes S 60 P, S 120 P, S 60 D, S 120 D, S 60 DIS and S 120 DIS as well as for product certifications. The type tests for data cabinets comprise a fire resistance test as well as a fire shock and impact test from a height of 9.15 m. For diskette inserts, only a fire resistance test is required.

After the exposure of the test specimens to flames (for 60 minutes and 120 minutes, respectively), the temperature is also measured during a cooling phase (cooling curve). In the fire resistance test of data media (D and DIS), it is additionally checked that the maximum relative air humidity remains under 85%. For data cabinets for paper (P), the air humidity is not taken into account.

The latest version of the European Standard EN 1047-1 was approved in August 2005.

EN 1047-2:2009+A1:2013 "Data rooms and data containers"

European Standard EN 1047-2 defines testing conditions for data rooms (e.g. server rooms) and data containers. Besides the fire resistance test, additionally an impact test simulating construction elements falling down is
carried out. In the fire resistance test, a test specimen, including the door, cable seals, etc., is exposed to fire. In contrast to other fire standard the EN 1047-2 test the complete data room system, including door, ducts etc.

On 13 February 2013, EN 1047-2:2009+A1:2013 was published. In this version, the requirement of a lock according to EN 1300 has been deleted.

To be prepared to the rising fire risks in the future, an Ad-Hoc Group is working on a new duct and floor terst at the moment.

EN 15659:2009 "Light fire storage units"

On 18 February 2009, the formal vote on EN 15659 was completed with a positive result. Approval was obtained from 18 of 30 CEN members. Ten members abstained from voting; some of them submitted comments. From two members, CEN did not receive any response. WG2 will assess the comments from the formal vote and check whether, and if so, in which way they need to be considered in the revision of EN 15659.

EN 15659 was published in April 2009. The key data are:

  • Clear distinction to EN 1047-1:2005 due to separate number EN 15659
  • Quality classes LFS 30 P and LFS 60 P with requirements below S 60 P according to EN 1047-1:2005
  • Test carried out on the models with the lowest and highest internal height and the lowest and highest number of drawers, respectively, as a basis of the product certification for the complete model series
  • Only fire resistance test – no fire shock and impact test
  • End of the type test after, respecitvely, 30 min and 60 min without cooling curve
  • No requirements as regards relative air humidity (analogous to security class P according to EN 1047-1)
  • Positioning of the thermocouples analogous to EN 1047-1 at the critical measurement points

Source of the image : European Security Systems Association (ESSA) e.V.

Adomat, Falko
Adomat, Falko
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